Responsibilities of the Data Subjects

Associated to the exercise of rights are responsibilities to respect the privacy of others and comply with Gordon College’s regulations in its administration of data privacy.

Data subjects shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Respect the data privacy rights of others;
  2. Report any suspected security incident or personal data breach to Gordon College Data Protection Officer by sending an email or accomplishing OCP-DPU Form No. 4;
  3. Provide the Gordon College true and accurate personal data and other information. Before submittin personal data of other people to Gordon College, obtain the consent of such people;
  4. Not disclose to any unauthorized party any non-public confidential, sensitive or personal information obtained or learned in confidence from Gordon College; and
  5. Abide by the policies, guidelines and rules of the Gordon College on data privacy, information security, records management, research and ethical conduct. From time-to-time check for and comply with updates on these policies, guidelines and rules.