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Gordon College Library started in 1999 when the former Olongapo City Colleges, now Gordon College, put up a curricular program for Computer Studies and Business Management and Accountancy. With only a few books and mostly computer subjects in hand, Mrs. Remedios Sapuan, who was then a Utility worker, took charge of the library operation with the assistance of the Administrative Staff.

The Library moved four times to different locations in the building and its fourth was in the former KHG Hall. When the library was first opened, books were in the cabinet with glass doors and were locked. The library was using the close shelf system, where stacks cannot be directly accessed by users. The students should approach the assigned staff when borrowing books and it was then the bookshelf was opened to get the book needed.

In 2002, Thelma Ramos, a clerk aid of the Assessor’s Office, was transferred to the College Library to assist Mrs. Sapuan in the library operation. According to Mrs. Sapuan, a certain instructor, in the person of Mr. Sydney Maglalang, was temporarily assigned to the library. Services of the staff in the City Library were borrowed in the processing of books acquired for the College Library. In June 2003, the first College Librarian was hired, Ms. Maria Corazon D. Maneja as a casual position. Later she was promoted to a permanent position. The problem was by her was the book organization, the right classification of books, classification tools (DDC) Dewey Decimal Classification System and there were no catalog cards and cabinets. Some of the books were infested by termites which were already problems before but were not treated completely. Books were thenr eorganized, classified, and cataloged and were assigned new numbers using DD Classification tools that were borrowed from the Ci4ty Library. The circulation counter and grills dividing the books stacks and reading area were removed. Shelves were distributed and fastened on all library walls to make the books accessible to the users and to widen the reading area. Heavily termite-infested books were removed and deleted from the records. New books were formed. Newspapers were compiled with the date labeled and put on display. In 2006, books from Australia were received by the library through the Rotary Club of Olongapo. Books were found to be outdated and mostly for High School and Elementary level students. In the same year, another book donation was received from Asia Foundations, Inc. Books became very useful to patrons because of their general content. In March 2007, Ms. Betty Fielder, a friend of Mrs. Dely Aristorenas, former College Administrator, donated books and magazines for use by HRM students and faculty. Two air conditioners were installed to replace the former electric fans for ventilation and besides its small space, library patrons flocked the library especially nursing students who occupied the most number of enrollees. The library had then 8,361 volumes of books as of October 2007.

In the summer of 2010, the librarian during one of the EXECOM (ExecutiveCommittee) meetings, suggested removing over duplicated copies of books to provide spaces for new arrivals. Enough copies from weeded books were retained. 2,958 books were discarded and returned to GSO (Government Supply Office) but the latter suggested just donating them to the City Library.

In 2012, Gordon College's 13th Founding Anniversary, a Give-a-Book Project was launched and spearheaded by the College Library to collect tertiary level books from students, faculty, alumni, and friends of Gordon College. As of this date, May 6, 2013, we have collected 182 book donations.

On August 7, 2012, when the first knee-deep flood entered the College Library, books located on the first two-row level shelves were partially damaged but were restored. But on September 23, 2013, during a chest-deep heavy flood of Olongapo City, almost 2/3 of the library materials were soaked in the mud and water and devastated and discarded. Furniture which was made of light materials, files, and newly acquired books was included, but other computers were restored. Due to the kindness of City Mayor Rolen C. Paulino, he approved a 1 million budget for the purchase of new general education books, professional books, and journals. The first set of books was delivered in December 2013. Another era was opened for Gordon College Library for its transfer to the new building funded and built by SM in 2015-2016. The official transfer began on June 24, 2016, until July of the same year. The new and much wider library which is located on the fourth floor was opened to students on August 1, 2016, the start of the first semester, the Academic Year 2016- 2017.

Mr. Marlon A. Atencio recommended to the Executive Council the change of the library name into “Library and Instructional Media Center” for the reason that the library is now having a media center that supports the educational needs of the library and it was approved by the Executive Council spearheaded by the College President, Dr. Imelda DP. Soriano last May 31, 2018.

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