Continuing Students, Returnees and Cross Enrollment

Continuing Students and Returnees

Continuing students are those who were previously enrolled in the College but unable to enroll for at least one semester and decided to continue studying in GC. These students have not requested for any transfer credential. They may have or have not filed for Leave of Absence.

Returning students are those who requested for transfer credentials but decided to re-enroll in the College. Returning students shall no longer be required to take the admission test. 

Cross Enrollment

  • GC Students to Enroll in Other Schools
    • Students shall not be allowed to cross-enroll without proper consultation and consent from their respective College Deans. Students shall not be allowed to cross-enroll if the subject/course is not open during his/her last two semesters in the College. He/She shall request recommendation from his/her Dean and authorization coming from the College Registrar before he/she can cross-enroll to other colleges/universities.
  • Students from Other Schools to Cross-enroll in GC
    • Students from other schools who would cross-enroll in GC should present a written permission from his school that he/she is allowed to enroll in GC.