IGS (Institute of Graduate Studies) Students

To qualify for admission to the Institute of Graduate Studies, an applicant must meet the following general and specific standards:

  1. Student must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.00 or 85% (except NSTP and PE). Student with lower general average than the prescribed rating may be admitted to the master’s program on probation. While on probationary status, s/he is allowed to carry the maximum load of only six (6) units per term. S/he will be placed in full standing status after having obtained an average rating of 1.5 or better in the first 12 units.
  2. Specific programs may have different requirement as well as additional requirements such as materials and a personal interview, to wit:
    1. Master in Public Administration
      •  At least two (2) years of government/ public service in any capacity
    2. Master in Business Management
      • BS Commerce or BS Business Administration graduate
      • Non-business course graduate must finish 18 tool courses. While earning these units, s/he may enroll any two basic/major subjects in the MBM program.
      • At least two (2) years of relevant experience/ service.
    3. Master of Arts in Education
      • Should be an education graduate
      • For non-education graduate, at least 24 units of professional education in the undergraduate level.
      • At least two (2) years of teaching experience/ service.
    4. Master of Arts in Nursing
      • Should be a Registered Nurse
      • At least two (2) years of experience in nursing and/or related field.
  3. Pass the qualifying examination and interview.
  4. All applicants for admission must submit the following;
    • Original Transcript of Records from recognized colleges or universities (with remarks, “Copy for Gordon College” or “Granted Honorable Dismissal”).
    • Two ID pictures (2×2/passport size)
    • Certificate of Employment
    • A Php200.00 non-refundable fee for application processing.
    • Additional materials, if required by specific program.