Website Policy

Website Committee

Gordon College (GC) Website Committee was formally established by Interoffice Memorandum No. 38 Re: Website Committee. The Interoffice Memorandum states the following; composition, duties, and responsibilities of Website Committee, Guidelines in Website Content Development and Management, and Procedure for Posting/Uploading Web Content.


GC Website Committee will be composed of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Website Administrator, and Members.

For the members, it will be the Head of the Information and Communication Services Unit (ICSU), one (1) faculty member from each department designated by the College Dean, and one (1) staff from each office/unit assigned by the Unit Head.

Duties and Responsibilities of Website Committee

Based on Interoffice Memo No. 38, the following are the duties and responsibilities of the committee:

  1. Develop and recommend web related policies and standards
  2. Oversee the design and underlying technology
  3. Ensure the website stays current with new technology/trends
  4. Implement regular data collection methods
  5. Use data collected to guide the framework and infrastructure of the college website
  6. Create guiding principles to steer the framework and infrastructure decisions of the college website
  7. Work with the Management Information System Unit (MISU) to set timelines for web engine upgrade and new website deployments.
  8. Regularly assess the design of the website and make recommendations for improvement
  9. Serve as the liaison between the College President and the different department regards content
  10. Identify and advocate for web needs and services for the college community.

Guidelines in Website Content Development and Management

  1. Interoffice Memo No. 38, clearly states the guidelines to be observed by the committee in terms of the contents for the website.
  2. All news, updates and all other content to be posted on the official website should have clearance from concerned departments/ units and approval from the College President.
  3. The Website Committee is tasked to manage the postings on the official website in coordination with the Information and Communication Services Unit (ICSU). The committee shall formulate posting guidelines and ensure proper dissemination.
  4. Queries, concerns or issues aired through the official website must be communicated to concerned departments through ICSU who shall also responsible for posting official responses to such queries, concerns or issues whether through online or offline as the situation warrants.

Procedure for Posting/Uploading Web Content

The following are the guidelines stated in Interoffice Memo No. 38 in terms of posting/uploading content to the college website:

  1. Requesting department should submit a copy of the post to ICSU for approval of the College President.
  2. After approval, ICSU shall transmit the content to the Website Committee Chairperson and Web Administrator.

Website Content Submission

The GC Website Committee is pleased to offer the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise by submitting content to the college website with the following guidelines:

  • Guiding Principles
    Gordon College is one of the institutions that promote excellent education in Region III and the country. As such, the committee would like to publish and post content, materials, and ideas that support the vision, mission, and goals of the college. The committee also encourages each individual from different colleges and departments to share their experience and insights as one of the people of Gordon College.

  • Style
    The Website committee encourages each and everyone to use the current best practices for web writing. These includes:
    • Begin with the conclusion by focusing on the main message and be clear on how you want the reader to feel and respond.
    • Add specific details, facts, figures, quotes, etc.
    • Submit at least one (1) graphs, graphics, or photos that are copyright free with a size of;
      • 1280 pixels by 720 pixels for Hero Banners (Congratulatory Posters)
      • 1200 pixels by 630 pixels for News, Announcement and Notice
      • 250 pixels by 250 pixels for Website Banner
      • 250 pixels by 100 pixels for Logo (Rectangle)
      • 100 pixels by 100 pixels for Logo (Square)
    • Graphs, graphics or photos should be in .jpeg, .png or .svg format
    • Use subheadings that reflect the content and captures the interests of readers
    • Use listed points with ten (10) words or less per item
    • Search the web for other pro tips on best practices

  • Publishing
    The committee does not guarantee that it will post your submissions automatically. All published contents shall be well-guided and must receive the approval of concerned departments, as stated on Interoffice Memorandum No. 38.It does guarantee, however, that the article will be read and explore whether or not it is a good fit for the college and the readership. In reviewing submissions, the committee is looking for content that is necessary and relevant to the needs of the stakeholders, especially with the faculty and students. Articles reflecting the inspiring, powerful, responsible, productive, and connected nature of the academe are the ones that we are looking for.

  • Copyright
    The committee will only post copyright-free materials submitted by the author and will not pay for articles posted on the website. The college reserves the right to use the submitted article or any part of it depending on the committee’s discretion.

  • Response Time
    The goal of the committee is to respond to the requestor as quickly as possible. Depending on the situation, the committee will do its best to respond to each submission in 1 to 3 days.

  • Requestor
    The following groups and/or individuals are allowed to submit content for posting:
    • Department Heads
    • Vice Presidents
    • Faculty Members and
    • Administrative Staff
    • Recognized Student Organizations
    • Alumni

Specific Guidelines

To achieve uniformity and establish the visual identity of the college kindly follow the following in submitting your content;

  • Title and Author Information
    All submission must identify (to be written in the body of your message);
    • Topic
    • Title
    • Author’s Full name
    • Author’s Phone Number*
    • Author’s Email Address*
    • Department (if applicable)
      * – needed for communication purposes 

  • Summary
    Provide a 20-30 words summary of the article that can be used for links.

  • Length of the Content
    Submit articles that are between 500-750 words. Please submit final drafts that have proofread, and grammar and spelling checked.

    Do not include the graphics or photos within the document. It should be saved separately in the same folder where the file resides.

  • Formatting
    Send your document at with the following format details:
    • Subject : Request for Posting (Website)
    • Body : Author’s Information
    • Topic : Event/ Celebration
    • Title : Sportsfest
    • Author’s Full name : Juan Dela Cruz
    • Author’s Phone Number : 607.7175
    • Author’s Email Address :
    • Department : College of Allied Health Studies
    • Summary of your article.
    • Attachment:
      • document file of your article
      •  picture1.jpg* / picture1.png* / picture1.svg*
        * – you can select one particular image type

  • Links
    Provide a list of referenced links in the text or at the end of the submitted article. The committee will review these links to determine if they are appropriate for the website and will determine if they will be included or not (especially for copyright acknowledgment).

  • Categorization of Submission
    Articles that will be posted in the website can be categorized into;
    • News
    • Announcement or Guidelines
    • Notice or Advisory

  • Tags
    This will be use to sub-categorized your submission;
    • CAHS (College of Allied Health Studies)
    • CCS (College of Computer Studies)
    • CBA (College of Business and Accountancy)
    • CEAS (College of Education, Arts, and Sciences)
    • CHTM (College of Hospitality and Tourism Management)
    • IGS (Institute of Graduate Studies)
    • OSWS (Office of Student Welfare and Services)
    • Campus
    • Alumni
    • Administration
    • Academics
    • Forefront

Content Administration

All web content submitted must be approved prior to posting. The following individuals retain the right to edit or request changes:

  • College President
  • Website Administrator
  • Head of ICSU
  • Vice Presidents
  • Requestor/Author of the Content

Website Content Update/ Revision

Thou postings are checked for spelling, grammar and factual accuracy, there will be some instances that can result unwanted errors.

The GC Website Committee will allow update or revision of articles posted on the website for the following reasons;

  • Missing or Duplicate Titles
  • Misspelled names
  • Overlooked misspelled words or grammatical errors
  • Missing images or links
  • Missing details or information

Website Content Removal

The GC Website Committee reserves the right to remove any posted content that contains copyrighted materials which include, but not limited to: text, images, graphics, sound recordings, video recordings or software programs.

Contact the Website Admin

  NEIL MARC R. BIRON, Website Developer
 (047) 222-4080 Loc. 315
 Rm. 315, 3rd Floor, GC Building, Olongapo City Sports Complex, Donor Street, East Tapinac, Olongapo City 2200