Vision, Mission and Goals


By 2025, the College envisions to be a premier local institution of higher learning in Region 3 committed to the holistic development of the human person and society.


To produce well-trained, skilled, dynamic, and competitive individuals imbued with values and attitudes responsive to the changing needs of the local, national and global communities.


Gordon College shall;

  • Provide opportunities that will enable individuals to acquire a high level of professional, technical and vocational courses of studies.
  • Develop innovative programs, projects, and models of practice by undertaking functional and relevant research studies.
  • Promote community development through relevant extension programs.
  • Provide opportunities for employability and entrepreneurship of graduates.


The following are the objectives of the college;

  • To provide degree programs which are needed by the local, national and global communities within the standards set by Commission on Higher Education (CHED);
  • To continuously evaluate educational programs to ensure high standard, quality and relevance in delivery of the intended outcomes;
  • To develop research in different disciplines to improve existing knowledge and practices
  • To provide extension programs to sustain the greater impact of the college to the community;
  • To integrate moral principles/ standards in the curriculum to strengthen the moral responsibilities of the lifelong learners;
  • To strengthen the institution-industry collaboration/partnership to ensure graduates’ employability and entrepreneurship;
  • To increase the national passing percentage for board courses and national qualification.