Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a comprehensive program tailored for students intrigued by the inner workings of technology and its applications. Delving into foundational concepts such as algorithms, data structures, and software engineering, this degree equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle complex computational problems across diverse domains. From developing cutting-edge software solutions to optimizing systems for efficiency and security, students explore a wide range of topics including artificial intelligence, computer networking, and database management.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a dynamic program designed for students fascinated by the intersection of technology and business. It offers a comprehensive understanding of IT systems, infrastructure, and applications essential for modern organizations. Through coursework covering topics such as database management, network administration, cybersecurity, and project management, students gain practical skills to design, implement, and manage information systems effectively. Emphasizing real-world applications and industry-relevant technologies, this degree prepares graduates for diverse career paths, including IT consulting, system analysis, web development and IT project management.

Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing

A Bachelor of Science in Entertainment and Multimedia Computing is a dynamic interdisciplinary program designed for students passionate about merging technology with creativity. Through a blend of computer science fundamentals and multimedia production techniques, this program equips students with the skills to develop innovative digital content across various platforms including gaming, animation, virtual reality, and interactive media. From coding and programming to graphic design and storytelling, students explore the convergence of technology and entertainment, preparing them for exciting careers in industries such as game development, film production, advertising, and digital media.

Associate in Computer Technology

The Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) is a 2-year degree program that offers specialized computing and information technology tracks. Graduates from this program acquire the essential skills and competencies needed to meet industry demands.
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