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Gordon College Library


The Gordon College Library creates an intellectual knowledge environment that is responsive, innovative and inclusive which prepares our students for productive participation in the 21st century through continuous education.


The Gordon College Library serves as the foundation for the college mission of providing academic excellence and development, workforce preparation and lifelong learning. It commits itself to provide superior services and information resources that support the college curriculum and students, faculty and staff research needs.


General Objectives

  • Maintain a balanced and organized collection of high-quality materials and provide professional, technical and vocational assistance to all its users.
  • Deliver education and training in developing information-gathering skills, including accessing, evaluating, and using various information sources and promote technological competence by providing access to information available in print and non-print formats.
  • Support the cultural awareness of students and the community at large.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide an adequate, well-selected and well-organized collection supporting the different curricula and programs of the college.
  • To serve the research, reading and reference needs of students, faculty and staff.
  • To provide means for the development of students at all levels of educational ability.
  • To give the user quick access to accurate information about diverse aspects of human knowledge.
  • To provide a lending service appropriate to different types of users.