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Community Extension


A leading institution in developing productive and sustainable communities of the marginalized members of the society.


Generate systems and strategies to empower the marginalized sector of the community towards productivity and sustainability.


Gordon College intends to initiate, catalyze, and sustain the development and establishment of a community service-oriented culture utilizing the institution’s expertise and available resources.

The extension programs and services offered by the College is in pursuit of providing access to acquiring knowledge and technical skills for purposes such as people empowerment, entrepreneurship, productivity, and sustainability.

  1. Technology Transfer
  2. Livelihood Program with Financial Literacy
  3. Technical Assistance
  4. Advocacy
  5. Community Adoption
  6. Linkages
  7. Special Extension Programs and Services

  • WedPro Inc.
  • PWC
  • MOVE Philippines
  • Philippine Dental Association
  • Medical Society of Olongapo
  • Buklod Inc.
  • Medical Society of Olongapo
  • SEC-Regional Office
  • RP Energy
  • JCI-Olongapo
  • Sining Olongapo
  • Mactan Community
  • Mampueng Community
  • US Navy