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School Organizations Unit

The Student Organizations Unit regulates student organizations; which may be any association, club, council, or any form of organized group of student-granted permission to operate within the College by the Office of Student Welfare and Services as recommended by the coordinator of the Unit.


Dedicated to the personal, intellectual, professional, interpersonal, and spiritual development of students that promotes a healthy and diverse campus community.


Foster a community which promotes student involvement through enhanced interpersonal and social engagement opportunities and programs.

Goals and Objectives

The Guidance and Admission Unit offers a set of services utilizing integrated approach to the development of a well-functioning individual primarily by helping them utilize their potentials to the fullest. The function of the Guidance and Admission Unit is aimed at:

  • Create a sense of community through programs, services, and events that facilitate interaction among students;
  • Promote student learning and holistic development by involving students in varied group experiences and roles;
  • Provide individual and group activities to improve interpersonal skills.