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Sports Development Unit

Promoting sports development through holistic and extensive training; molding athletes to become responsible, dynamic, and strong person tying-up with local, regional, and national Organizations, the SDU exposes GC athletes to various competitions as integral part of their development.


Excellence in sports


To develop and produce highly competitive individuals who shall excel in various sports/athletic activities in local, regional, and national level competitions.

Goals and Objectives

The Guidance and Admission Unit offers a set of services utilizing integrated approach to the development of a well-functioning individual primarily by helping them utilize their potentials to the fullest. The function of the Guidance and Admission Unit is aimed at:

  • To organize a highly - disciplined but competitive student – athletes of Gordon College.
  • To actively participate in various sports competitions.
  • To develop trainers and coaches through attendance to trainings and workshops for further enrichment/enhancement.